At Humboldt Farms, we know the vital role that cannabis plays in improving the health and wellness of individuals, communities and the planet.  We believe Cannabis can be a tool to expand the mind, heal the soul and bring people together.  In an effort to give back, we are proud to launch #ChooseKindly.  

Starting this summer, we will be contributing a portion of our profits to empower individuals and organizations working to create positive change in our communities and helping create a more sustainable planet.  We are partnering with non-profit organizations doing work on the front lines of positive change, and will be supporting community leaders and educators in their pursuits to share their skills, talents and creativity with the world.  

We would love for you to get involved! If you are a non-profit seeking additional resources or if you are interested in hosting an event, workshop or experience, please sign up using the appropriate forms below.  We will be selecting groups as they come in, and launching our #ChooseKindly community calendar in July.


Non Profit Partners

Part of the #ChooseKindly mission is to support non-profit organizations doing positive work for our community and the planet. As part of our commitment, we will be partnering with organizations to support their work.  

Our initial focus is supporting veteran groups, environmental conservation and restoration and community service projects.

 If your organization is looking for support, please fill out our survey using the link below.  We will choose groups based on their mission, alignment with our campaign and the types of support needed.



Community events & experiences

#ChooseKindly will be sponsoring and producing a series of classes, workshops and activities aimed to bring people together through healthy, educational and fun experiences.  

The focus for these events will relate to: Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Mind Expansion and Community Service.

If you are interested in leading a workshop, hosting an event, creating a series of experiences or bringing people together through an activity, let us know.  We will be selecting a variety of events to sponsor, providing the resources necessary to pay instructors, secure venues and support the experience.



Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you looking for a Cannabis sponsor for your next event? Humboldt Farms would love to hear from you!  Please fill out the survey using the link below, and we will get back with you shortly.