Humboldt Magic Makers, Ep. 8



Meet Jacqui Langeland. Her wild and whimsical illustrations would be a favorite of ours regardless of her whereabouts, but we love that we can call her a local. A Humboldt resident for the last 22 years, Jacqui’s enchanting art captures both the beauty and imagination of our county perfectly. Read on to discover more about our October Magic Maker...



What inspires you? 

So much! Above all old macabre faerie tales, dark forests, and beautifully illustrated picture books — Arthur Rackham, Tove Jansson, Virginia Lee Burton — a fresh color palette is always inspiring too. 


How has the natural landscape of Humboldt influenced your work?

I'm always fascinated and inspired by forest life — trees, woodland creatures, fungus, so the redwoods have been an endless source of visual reference. We are so lucky to have these dramatic ancient forests and gorgeous beaches, and's pretty special here. 



fascinated and inspired by forest life — trees, woodland creatures, fungus.


How long have you been making your art?

I've been making art since I could hold a crayon; In the last ten years I've moved back and forth from watercolor, pen and ink, pencils, oil paints, and gouache, which is my current favorite.



How has the culture of Humboldt influenced your work?

Humboldt is the perfect place to be an artist. It's filled with other creative and inspiring people, and we are surrounded with the most epic landscape. Humboldt is a place that nurtures magic which I always try to incorporate into my work in some way. 




a place that nurtures magic.



How has the cannabis industry in Humboldt County affected or contributed to your career or community?

It's been really exciting to see the cannabis industry finally come out of the shadows, and to see people that have built all this knowledge and skill be able to share with the rest of the world. Cannabis has been a way for people to support themselves living in this unique and secluded area, which everyone living here has benefitted from either directly or indirectly. I definitely think it's contributed to the disproportionate amount of creative energy in the community as well. 



To learn more about Jacqui Langeland, check out her website and follow her on Instagram!

Zach Rubin