Humboldt Magic Makers, Ep. 1






Meet our first Magic Maker, Anna Sofia Amezcua. A 17-year resident of Humboldt County, Anna has been painting for two decades. Read on to discover more about one of our favorite local artists...


How has the culture of Humboldt influenced your work?

Living in Humboldt has given me a lot of freedom and support to become the artist/person I needed and wanted to become. The slower pace, fresh air, clean water and amazing, locally produced food allow for a high quality of life. I couldn't find that in cities as a young artist without a lot of financial means, at least not without sacrificing either well-being for art or art for well-being, which was not an option for me. The choice to live here instead of in a city wasn't an easy one - I agonized over it a lot in my twenties and I still often crave the more stimulating, creative culture of urban life. But being physically, mentally and emotionally healthy is crucial to my practice as an artist and the slower pace and open space here enable that. I delve really deep to make work that, to me at least, feels intensely emotional and authentic. Living where I can disconnect from external noise, stimulation and distractions, where I feel closely connected to nature, and where I have a strong and supportive community, allows me to go to those edges. From the moment I moved and started to produce work here, there was so much support for me and my work. I am incredibly grateful for that. I love and depend on the open-minded embrace of individuality that is intrinsic to the culture here, and I’m sure that has been a factor in finding my own voice in art and life. I do my best to keep myself current on what’s happening out there in the real world, because yes, this is a bubble, and when I do travel to cities, I just make sure to cram in as much art and culture as possible.


My work

is also about emotion and I see the forces of nature as earth’s emotional system.


How has the natural landscape of Humboldt influenced your work?

My work is about physical, embodied experience in a woman body. One that is strongly aware of a deep connection to and relationship with the (woman) body that is earth. My work is also about emotion and I see the forces of nature as earth’s emotional system. So while I have always felt that my aesthetic sensibility was more of an urban one, the physical experience of living close to the earth, especially in the rugged lifestyle of the more off-the-grid places I have gravitated to here, is a core element in my work. My creative inspiration might be more urban, but my being is deeply nourished and inspired by the natural beauty and open space here. It absolutely affects my ability to make the work I make.



What are your favorite products and how/when do you use them? 

I love a good joint (I loved that Cookie Monster joint we smoked during the photo shoot!), but my lungs not so much, so I reserve joints for the occasional social smoke with a friend. I love a little flower in my Pax, much easier on the lungs, and with flower I can be sure it’s organically grown, usually by a friend. I’ve been really enjoying your OG Kush oil cartridge lately, too. I mostly enjoy cannabis solo, like for taking a walk with my dog, doing yoga, taking a bath, or for any activity where I want to tune in a little more deeply to myself or enhance my sense of presence in the moment.



as long as I use it in moderation, it can really help me focus, tune into my inner life, and follow deep threads that I find there.


How does cannabis affect your creative process? 

I find that as long as I use it in moderation, it can really help me focus, tune into my inner life, and follow deep threads that I find there.



How do they enhance your overall well-being?

I have gone through lots of different phases with cannabis, sometimes I don’t use it at all, and at times I have probably over-used it. I think there is a tendency to be extreme in our opinions about cannabis. People seem to either laud it unconditionally or think it’s completely terrible. I have seen and experienced both its beneficial and it’s destructive effects. I have really gained respect for it as powerful medicine and I think it’s important to use it thoughtfully and in moderation. I find that it can help me to shift my perspective in helpful ways and towards the positive, but - and I’ve found this to be true of all its positive effects if over-used or abused it can have the opposite effect. It can help me find pleasure in mundane tasks and reconnect with myself when I feel disconnected or out of touch. It can help me relax, laugh, dance more freely, and just have fun when I feel uptight. And CBD’s are truly miraculous for pain.


How has the cannabis industry in Humboldt County affected/contributed to your career as an artist/creative?

Money from the cannabis industry allows a lively and creative community to thrive in a rural area that might otherwise be bleak and depressed. And, although there are aspects of it that are problematic, I have a lot of love for the rugged, outlaw nature of the industry and the culture here.

To learn more about Anna, check out her website or follow her on Instagram!

Zach Rubin