The world is full of choices. Sometimes too many -- from deciding what kind of Cannabis to use to which causes you support. At Humboldt Farms, we are guided by the principle of choosing kindly -- for yourself, for those around you, for the planet we all share. With that spirit in mind, we’re excited to introduce Choose Kindly, a program designed to give back to our communities and empower each another to make conscious choices.

Launching this summer, Choose Kindly contributes a portion of our profits to support individuals and nonprofit organizations working to inspire real, meaningful change in their communities and on behalf of this beautiful Earth we call home. We will be sponsoring events and activities to promote wellness, creativity, and community-building, as well as partnering with thought leaders and educators to share their visions for, and with, the world.


This is where you come in. Interested in leading a workshop, hosting an event or bringing people together through an activity? Let us know! If you're a non-profit seeking additional resources, tell us how we can support you!


Learn more about our upcoming events and activities and register to become one of our community leaders.


Find out more about our commitment to community and the planet and how to become one of our partners.